Welcome to Paley Print Co. Vintage Prints by Travis & Renee Price
Welcome to Paley Print Co. Vintage Prints by Travis & Renee Price
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It's seems many of you have been wondering the same thing... so we've created our Frequently Asked Questions list below.

Do you take town requests? Yes we do take requests…we have a list of towns that we are working towards…but if we have enough requests for a town we will consider moveing it up the list. You can also leap frog this by paying an $800 fee.

Can you change the colour of her hair? Sorry no we can’t, we try to use limited colours palettes for each print and changing the hair colour doesn’t always look right. Also we print the art in bulk so it’s affordable to buy…so we’d have to charge a premium for customisation.

Can you do a custom print for my family? Yes we can..the starting price is $3500. Yeah we know that's quite an investment...But when we're not Paley Print Co'ing we're working on commercial projects..and this falls into that category.

Can I get a smaller size? Sorry no we can't offer smaller sizes.

Can I get a large stretched canvas? Yes we can quote on getting a large stretched canvas printed. Just let us know the size you're after that keeps to the same scale. OR visit Accent Framing in Sturt St Ballarat. They have most of our Ballarat collection in digital format and can organise custom sized printing.

Why is BALLAARAT spelt with two AA's in your prints? It's the way BALLARAT was originally spelt before changing to one A.